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Floral Chain Over The Knee Socks

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  • US woman's 6-11
50%Cotton 20%Acrylic 18%Polyester 10%Nylon 2%Spandex 

  • Machine wash, tumble dry low
  • Made by craftsman in Japan

Elegant floral-inspired patterns are chained through the back and front seam of your legs. Vibrant with contrasting hues, these over the knee socks will instantly flourish your outfits! Made with non-toxic color threads.  
At Japanse factory. Women is stiching the socks with her hand.

Made by craftsman in Japan

Heritage of our Craftsmen 

Our socks are made by highly-skilled craftsmen of which is the biggest difference between us and mass-produced commercial socks. They’ve crafted socks for more than 100 years and many of our craftsmen come from three generations of sock makers. They are the backbone of our quality.