Influencer / Ambassador Program
Tabbisocks ambassador

who is qualified?
If you've got more than 8,000 followers, you're already on our radar. However, if you're confident in your ability to make an impact on the world, we encourage you to apply! At Tabbisocks, we celebrate diversity, creativity, and self-expression.
what's in it for you?
As a Tabbisocks Ambassador, you'll receive up to 2 premium products to try out and feature in your content. Additionally, you might be featured in our content as well!
earn as you influence
Coupon Code: Receive a personalized 20% discount code for you and your friends.
Commission: Get a 10% commission on every sale made using your coupon code.

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Once you've set up your account, we'll carefully review your application. Given the high volume of submissions, we appreciate everyone's interest and will reach out to those applicants whom we believe align best with our program.