Replant Pairs | Rooting Down & Branching Out

Girl in the forest wearing replant pairs.
Trees stand for us, so let us stand for the trees

There’s no greater feeling than giving back. At Tabbisocks, one way we live our colour is through our ever expanding commitment to responsible environmental practices. We seek to preserve, protect, reduce, recycle, educate and in most current news: replant. 

The end of November 2021 established a new beginning for the philanthropic division of our company. We call it, Replant Pairs. For every pair of socks sold in our Replant Pairs Collection, we are committed to donating $1 towards replanting trees in Oregon, California or Washington. As an added bonus, you get to choose which non-profit you would like to direct your contribution. 

Get to know the non-profits we are working with:

We are delighted to share that on February 28 2022, we made our first lump donation from the November/December 2021 sales from the Replant Pairs Collection that followed this launch. November & December sales totalled 644. That equals a lot of total trees planted!

Here’s how many trees were planted in each state:

California: 240  
Oregon: 353 
Washington: 51 


So now you know! Everytime you make a Tabbisocks Replant Pairs  purchase for your feet or the feet of someone you love, you put roots in the ground for the health of our environment. We are branching out, we invite you to join us. 

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