Printed Art Tights

Get Inside Art with Printed Tights Collection
When we feel good, we look good—it’s that simple. Our patterned art tights collection meets our customer’s needs and covers their legs end-to-end. Our tights are visually striking, full of symbolism, and stylistically on point. Using cutting-edge Japanese technology that includes the mysterious Zokki technique, the end product is exceptionally durable and stretches to accommodate all sizes without diminishing the integrity of the print.
If you are an art lover ready to make a lasting impression on the world, why not go all the way out on a limb (or with at least two of your limbs) and start dressing the part? Get inside the art you love by wearing these whimsical art tights and express yourself to the max.

The Art Collection

Once upon a time, women’s printed tights may have been limited to generic flower embellishments or perhaps basic hearts, stars, and stripes. Today, with improved technology, the range of design possibilities is limitless. At Tabbisocks, we are equally impressed by edgy new art as we are moved by the timeless impressions of legendary painters. Our hosiery collections highlight the impact art makes on our lives and draws attention to the work of distinguished artists from around the globe.
Enjoy a quick peek at our painterly tights; we wonder how many of these paintings you will recognize?

Hokusai Collection
Hokusai Tights

Katsushika Hokusai was an Edo-era, 18th and 19th-century Japanese master artist, ukiyo-e painter, and printmaker. Considered one of the finest woodblock artists of his time and an expert on Chinese painting in Japan; the images he produced throughout his career gained notoriety in his lifetime and their transcendent appeal continues to make waves in the art world to this day. We offer three wearable images, from Hokusai’s iconic, 36 Views of Mount Fuji series: The Great Wave off Kanagawa, The Feminine Wave, and The Dragon.

Van Gogh Collection
Wan gogh tights

Vincent Van Gogh was a 19th-century Dutch post-Impressionist painter known for bold, expressive brush strokes, sweeping landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Famous for luminescent night landscapes and dreamy compositions that bridged the real and imagined, his brilliant use of color and defiant execution, expanded realms of possibility. Although his work did not receive great recognition in his lifetime, his posthumous influence on Western art history is tremendous and lasting. Our Van Gogh Collection of printed art tights features two still lifes from his sunflower series, Sunflowers - 4th London and Sunflowers - 3rd München Version, and three of his famous landscapes, The Starry Night, Landscape (The Garden at Arles), and Poppy Field.

William Morris Collection

William morris tights.

William Morris—a British textile designer, was a consequential cultural character of Victorian Britain. Although he was known for many roles in life, including artist, poet, and activist, his flourish for design would evolve into his posthumous signature. Rich floral patterns became his mark and paired beautifully with tapestries and wallpaper—that defined his era; they remain in steady production even today.
Our William Morris Collection of printed tights includes 10 popular designs by this powerhouse artist: Corn Cockle, Trellis or Pomegranate, Fruit or Pomegranate, Ispahan, Jasmine, Bre’r Brother Rabbit, Rose, Cray, Bird, and Peacock and Dragon.      His floral range reaches from the subdued to the sublime, featuring dense but also big leafy garden scapes, commonly accented with birds, fruit, crawling flowers, and vines. 

Alfons Maria Mucha Prints

Born in the Czech Republic, Alfons Mucha was a prolific artist whose particular aesthetic came to be called—Mucha’s Style, but would later be known widely as Art Nouveau. Influenced by his early years as a decorative artist and painter of theatrical scenery, his work held commercial appeal. He was regularly commissioned to illustrate posters, magazines, books, and advertisements; even jewelry, carpets, wallpaper, and theater sets were in his repertoire. Images of voluptuous women in flowing neoclassical attire surrounded by lush florals and bountiful overtones emerged as his trademark setting the tone for a whole new era of art.
If you are drawn to the theatrical-whimsy of the late 19th century, be sure to check out the Alfons Mucha printed tights with toe to waist flair.

Monet Collection

Considered one of the most highly-influential artists—ever, 19th-century French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, took the art world by storm with his innovative brushwork, bright blends, and careful attention to the movement of light. Monet's gift for bridging realism and abstraction and the feeling of immediacy conveyed through his ‘impressions’ placed him in a category all his own.
We are delighted to feature two of Claude Monet’s famous paintings in our printed tights collection…The Japanese Bridge, and Water Lilies.

Museum Collection

As a nod to the textile arts across the centuries, we have curated a selection of hallmark styles currently on exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Featured in the Museum Collection, tights printed with remarkable art panels, wallpaper, quilts, and prints have been selected to signify various cultural intersections across time. Browse these intriguing designs: Art Institute Chicago, 17th-Century Panel, Honeycomb Quilt, Scrolling Vines and Blossoms, Germantown Eye-Dazzler, Savonnerie, and Ethnic.

Floral Prints Collection

Offering bouquets for every occasion, our Floral Print Collection has been curated to shower flower lovers with choices aplenty. Bold, in-your-face blooms range in color to suit your range of colors. Which one is your favorite?  

Pride in Quality

We take pride in offering the best art print leggings and tights in a wide selection of choices. All printed hosiery is Made in Nara, Japan, a town dedicated to the art and soul of sock making for over 100 years.
One of the specialties passed through generations of Japanese sock makers is hyper attention to detail. Every crotch is diamond-shaped and reinforced, and every seam is carefully sewn to preserve the continuity of the art print patterns. We are not fans of misaligned seams, so we prioritize keeping our lanes aligned.
But, that is not all…
Your comfort is our priority. Our tights are produced with cutting-edge Japanese technology called, Zokki, meaning they are made with anti-static, non-toxic, superfine threads, ensuring a deliciously soft texture and long-sustained durability. They adjust to any body size without losing their shape or sliding down (no one needs that!), and with special print technology, the art stays in place and retains its opaque integrity.

Collect Art, Comfort, and Fun Fashion  

Colorful, comfy, wearable art that stretches to fit without stretching out…does it get any better? Our customers love collecting art-printed tights and wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts, wraps, and even under loose-fitting pants when the weather cools. They make the perfect dance tights, party tights, or costume tights, and they bring cheer to the workplace too; wear them to an art event to get the conversation started or make a splash at your class reunion. If you are looking for a fun and unique gift for your fashion-forward, art-savvy friends—printed art tights are a no-brainer. The package even includes bonus art trivia for those who enjoy putting their art proficiency to the test.
No matter what motivates your investment in high-quality art print leggings, we can assure you they will bring a spring to your step and put a smile on your face.

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