Colorful Opaque “Zokki” Tights

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The Best Colorful Tights

At Tabbisocks, we firmly believe in the positive power of color. It is the ultimate "influencer" and drives how we feel, what we like, where we spend our time, what we buy, and how we dress to impress and express. The way we choose colors and wear them on the outside speaks volumes about who we are on the inside. Our company wants to see you Live Your Colour to the fullest—uniquely, generously, and vibrantly. With that being our goal, we are dedicated to curating the best colorful tights in a rainbow of choices, comfortable for every body type and a compliment to any style. 

Opaque “Zokki” Tights are considered must-haves by our team, and in our opinion, they are the absolute best you can buy!!! Made with cutting-edge Japanese technology and available in more than10 dynamic colors, they hold their shape, keep their color, and convey your character.

What is Zokki? 

Zokki technology made its debut in Japan 30 years ago. This innovative (and secret) formula was a breakthrough in comfort and durability for the Japanese tights and legging industry. Although little is known about how it works, the most important to us is that it does work. In fact, it works wonders! Zokki technology—now available in the United States, ensures superior stretch and durability in tights and leggings, which can be prone to holes, runs, stretching out, and sliding down. Opaque Zokki Tights are long-lasting and accommodate all body types without losing their rich opaqueness

We are pleased to be able to share these fun and functional tights with you. 

Brown nutmeg tights.

Pride in Quality - Made in Nara, Japan

Few places in the world maintain the tradition of fine sock and hosiery making, sadly, and superior quality is simply unachievable in the mass-production plants commonly used today. We are honored to source our products from a place steeped in a long legacy of high-quality sock-craftsmanship where sock-making is a valued art form that is well-preserved.


For over 100 years, Nara, Japan has been a hub for what we consider the finest sock craftsmanship in the world. Generations of sock-makers have passed their skills and knowledge forward with care and pride that is reflected in the socks and tights we are able to offer you today. 


When we tell you Opaque “Zokki” Tights are proudly made in Nara, Japan, it is a reassurance that these fun and colorful additions to your wardrobe are an investment in a long history with exceptional artistry. They are made by the hands and expertise of people who care. 

We work closely with Nara’s craftspeople and factories to create, prototype, and test products for quality, style and functionality. Our colorful tights are made with anti-static, non-toxic superfine thread that endows a buttery, soft texture and a high level of stretch and durability.

The craftsmanship and quality produced in Nara, Japan, simply cannot be rivaled.


Nara socks factory.

Beauty and Function - We Want Both

Today’s modern stocking wearer wants to look good, but not at the cost of feeling good. Zokki technology assures that we no longer have to compromise on quality purely for the sake of making a fashion statement; with so many advances, we can have both! Opaque Zokki Tights are 80 denier, which means the tights are thick, and they hold their opaque integrity even when stretched. As a bonus, super fine nylon thread wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry.  The opaque colorful tights also feature a reinforced *diamond-shaped crotch for comfortable, all-day wear. 

*diamond-shaped crotch

Come One, Come All - Live Your Colour

Our products are made to be comfy and cute, not just in the package but no matter your package. Enhanced construction, with greater stretch capacity, means Opaque Zokki Tights adjust to all body shapes and sizes without slipping down and without color or print distortion. 


Opaque Zokki Tights are made for everyone and keep you covered if you are petite, plus-sized, or anything in between. We offer two size choices to accommodate small-medium or tall-large/ plus sized and 10 unapologetically vibrant and daringly delightful color options. With so many great colors to choose from, you can be well dressed every season and for every reason.


Antique Mint



Are you getting flashbacks of the color of your favorite summer ice cream or that vintage tin tea kettle in your grandmother’s kitchen? Antique Mint has been known to evoke sentimental associations. Is that one of the reasons it is currently Number 1 in sales at Tabbisocks? Audacious, minty-green, bright, and expressive, this on-trend color has become a tight-collector's obsession; we understand why. Who can resist walking into a room wearing the color of a robin’s egg? If you are seeking the most vibrant of our color options, these mint-to-the-max color leggings are the way to go!



Nutmeg opaque tights are a classic holiday favorite. The warm, earthy tone compliments the colors of fall and with a cheery enough disposition to twinkle up winter celebrations without being overly blatant. Does this friendly color make you think of maple leaves, pumpkin pie, jingle bells, or a sprinkle of nutmeg over hot cocoa? Yeah, us too. Nutmeg tights are a wardrobe must-have; they look great on everyone—really. They are versatile, a little spicy, and add a dignified measure of delight to any occasion. 

Pear Green


Like the electrifying vibrancy of the first buds of spring, this unusual-to-find Pear Green pairs well with your most adventurous wardrobe choices. Wear Pear Green tights to add a little pep to your step or to color up your monochromatic office outfit for a change. Go-for-broke by mingling this look with primary colors or fun patterns like polka dots, stripes, or florals. Fresh, flirty, and festive; in this dynamo color, who needs to go to the party when you are the party?

Have you met your match? 

Whether you are already living your color but with the need for more wardrobe options, or you are only just getting ready to take the color-plunge, we’ve got you! That’s not an understatement. We literally have something for everyone. Unique color choices, exceptional comfort and flexibility, as well as durable, long-lasting structural integrity, mean everyone has the chance to make their best tight match. Share your favorites! We would love to hear which colors are your go-to and which have grown on you like a spring vine. 




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